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Curtain Cleaning in Salford

Flash Curtain CleaningDraper can take up quite a lot of air real estate, capturing flying dust debris and acting as a large air filter. The draped dust can cause colour deprivation, stale odours and even damage to the fibers if not cleaned on a regular basis, and what’s worse, it can cause wheezing and coughing in children and even adults. Prevent this and call Flash Cleaning for the best curtain cleaning service in Salford, Greater Manchester.

Why Choosing Our Curtain Cleaning In Salford

We will handle the dismantling, proper cleaning of all drapery types, drying and re-hanging without actually bothering you. This saves you time and the effort while delivering you dust and stain free drapery. You will also enjoy:

  • Full odour removal
  • Total stain extraction
  • Even cleaning and drying
  • No wrinkling
  • Grime and dirt free drapery

And altogether better looking and smelling curtains, without having to worry about the floating dust being trapped inside, reducing their visual merits.

Our Efficient Curtain Cleaning Methods

Dry cleaning – because of the delicate nature of curtains and their fibers, we have a special delicate cleaning procedure that has been optimized for the care of natural fibered drapery. So if you have curtains made of satin, silk or cotton you won’t have to worry about cleaning damage or shrinkage. Because this treatment does not use any moisture or hear, we can administer it to even the most delicate drapery, fully removing dust or stains from its base, while maintaining their premium condition. We apply a dry compound on the curtains, imbed it into its base then draw everything out using a high powered vacuum machine leaving it ready to use and enjoy.

Steam cleaning – extremely efficient way of removing stains from synthetic and woolen fibers, this treatment allows for mobile cleaning not requiring for your curtains to be taken down to be properly treated. The narrow nozzle of the machine we use, allows for a precise delivery of the steam and detergent mixture, without spreading too much of it on unnecessary elements, while simultaneously extracting all of the dirt and moisture, leaving it to dry for a couple of hours for the best results.

Curtain CleaningPrices
Curtain Steam Cleaning
Half length pair of curtains £19
Full-length pair of curtains £24
Dry Curtain Cleaning
Half length pair of curtains £60
Full-length pair of curtains £90

Book Expert Curtain Cleanup Today

Give us a call at 0161 823 0250 and book or ask about our professional curtain cleaning service. Because of our flexible scheduling, you can book us at any time of the day, with same day booking possible without it costing you extra. The live chat room is also a good way of finding out different information about our service or just general help.