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We only use bio-degradable solvents that pose no treat to you or your family, only to the stains and dirt in your home.

Just call 0161 823 0250 or visit the live chat on the right side of the website. There is also a booking form that you can use, though we recommend using that for actual booking.

Either by going to the prices page or calling us and requesting free price estimation, we will give you an up-to-date estimation based on what you have told us.

We carry out precise and calculated treatments that require specialised machinery and detergents, and while not dangerous, it is best they are performed by professional personnel.

Not when we use the precise treatments and procedures.

You can move heavy furniture out of the room or the way of the cleaners to easy their workload.

Yes it is, but just in case, as a way to ease our cleaner’s workload you might have to move some furniture out of the way, just to be on the safe side.

Some cases require specialised machinery which can get heavy, its best to have a parking spot near the place we are cleaning as to make things easier and more convenient.

We work from 5:30am until 23:30pm, all day every day – even on weekends and bank holidays. As long as it’s before 23:30pm we will come and clean for you.

We aim to eliminate all dust and toxins in the home as to lower the chance of allergic reactions not only in pets but also in humans especially in children.