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Upholstery Cleaning in Salford

Expert upholstery cleaning StockportGrab this chance to book the best upholstery cleaning service in Salford, Greater Manchester and get your furniture’s upholstery cleaned by the premium cleaning prices around. Flash Upholstery Cleaning Salford Ltd. is an expert cleaning company. The upholstery cleaners in Salford are real professionals. We find that with dedication and motivation as well as a lot of hard work it’s possible to do what we’ve been doing for 10 years and counting.

Benefits Of Booking Our Expert Upholstery Cleaning Services In Salford

You can enjoy once more clean living room furniture without having to move a muscle or having to worry about drying, choosing and using detergents and other trivial things. With our special service you can expect quite a lot of health and other benefits:

  • Full bacterial treatment
  • Odourless upholstery
  • Stains are history
  • Dust and dirt removal
  • Fiber and colour protection

Find more information on these and other benefits in our live chat or by calling 0161 823 0250 and asking about it.

Upholstery Cleaning Information for Salford

Leather furniture treatment – leather tends to have different reactions to detergents, heat, and general moisture, this is why we have a special approach to treating both synthetic and natural leather upholstery. Depending on the current condition, age and kind of leather the upholstery cleaner apply a conditioner that will moisturize the leather and return some of its flexibility, reducing the chance of breaking and scaling, while also giving it slight protection against dirt and stains. To properly remove wear marks and other unpleasant marks and stains, we use a series of dedicated cleaning solutions that are rubbed in by hand using a dry cloth, all of the excess moisture is removed after which the leather is ready for use.

Flash Upholstery CleaningSteam upholstery cleaning in Salford – because of the flexibility that this service offers, we can access all curves, low points and dips in the upholstery without having to resort to prying open, and possibly damaging the upholstery itself. Suitable for use on synthetic, suede and other materials types, the treatment introduces a high-pressure steam onto the textile or material while also extracting the moisture expelled along with all of the dirt, stains and contaminants found in your upholstery. The upholstery cleaners leave an evenly cleaned piece of furniture that would be ready for use after a short drying session, which can be hastened by our air movers (call for more information on that).

Scheduling Our Expert Upholstery Cleaning Service Today!

Its simple and easy, pick up the phone and dial 0161 823 0250, our team of polite customer reps will answer to all of your needs in a timely manner, no waiting or courtesy disconnections. With the flexible booking system, we are available from 7-days-a-week, on weekends and bank holidays – at no extra charge. Get in touch with us via our live chat for more information on any of the cleaning services, get information on how to save money with our special deals and offers every month.